Week 1 -Welcome to Klongtoey - 050910

We finally (and formally) started the 'weklongtoey' project again on Sunday, 5th after discussing and coming in and out to prepare for a big while about how and what we were going to do with the next phase. Our new members are 4th year students from school of architecture ( international program ), KMUTT (King Mongkut's Unversity of Technology Thonburi ) - Air, Arm, Ole, Batan and Hoong.

From now on, 6 of us are going to be in charge in continuing the 'weklongtoey' project in preparing more important documents needed for future intervention from the community, in creating activities and getting the community more involved in working and transforming their open spaces together, to prepare the 'interested groups' to be ready for Phase 2 - creating permanent intervention to the site.

The focus will be on the Rotary court and Football 2 sites.

This blog is to document all the stories, observations, thoughts we get from working in the community through making diaries. It will be written from sketch books and will be uploaded every week. It is all done by Thais so, we apologize for all the English mistakes we make, and please feel free to contact us if you need more information.
Contact : we.klongtoei.gmail.com

Ole's Day 1

Hoong's Day 1

Air's Day 1

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